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Sara Postolle (1997, Poland) was brought up abroad for most of her life, having often migrated from country to country due to her parents jobs. Home is an ambiguous concept within her practice, the artist claims this „Home” to be a state of mind. Her work revolves largely around concepts of immigration, migration and crossing borders through the travel of self and the mind.

Much of her recent work encapsulates the idea of mental time travel, she explores the use of topographical place markers as performative vessels for recreating key memories and moments in her life. A large aspect of her recent and upcoming works has been the use of a bus-stop. Postolle believes that as a place that is never a destination the bus stop is a metaphor of her own immigration journey, it is her aim to send her bus stops on a world tour to experience migration on her behalf as she takes up learning how to settle in one place for a while.

The installation “Soon.” At the PMCA. is a metaphorical representation of the artist doing the action of leaving.
A representation of the moment of departure, of leaving ‘home’ behind. In this rendition of the bus stop series the setting consists of a copper bus stop and a yellow bus and a billboard. The miniature setting of the PMCA allowed the artist to illustrate the idea of a singular thought. A moment in time that can be looked at and a moment of contemplation.

Postolle lives and works in Groningen and graduated BA in Fine Arts from Academie Minerva in 202. At the moment she is studying at the Frank Mohr Institute Groningen to get her MA in 2023.

Selected exhibitions 2021:

– “How I met Myself”; Langstme – The third triennale of Beetsterzwaag, Netherlands.

– “Amantes Cyberneticus – Contact”; Sofia Art Week: Future Oracles, across several locations in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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