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Paraskevi Frasiola

This is soooo heliuarious !

Paraskevi Frasiola works from includes both traditional representation methods like drawing, painting, animation and ceramic sculptures to physical performances.

For her performance series, she uses an alter ego character ‘The Discreet Artist’. In her words, her preoccupations are ones of self-exposure adding self-deprecated humour that create a sort of existential slapstick comedy either coming together as an image an object or as physical action. 

Especially in the pictorial work, she treats the image as a projection of herself and an opportunity to make personal comments. Using the weather, the natural elements and the landscape tradition in general as a starting point, she adds, removes or adjusts details that completely alter the original content. Her ambition is that her work serves as comic relief not only for her but for the audience as well.

The title of this exhibition is a word play between the Greek word Helios (Ήλιος) and hilarious.

Paraskevi Frasiola (Greece 1979) studied painting at the School of Fine in arts of Aristotle University in Thessaloniki (MA) and The Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen (MFA). She was recently awarded the Mondriaan Fond and the Stipendium for Emerging Artists. Her work is shown in video festivals, museums and galleries both in the Netherlands and internationally. 

Exhibitions (selection): : 2020 Prospects and Concepts Art Rotterdam 2019 Dortmunder U (DE), MU Eindhoven, Galerie van Gelder Amsterdam, 2017 Contemporary Art Centre Thessaloniki (Gr)

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fragment: ‘This is soooo heliuarious !’


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