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Niels Post & Petra van Noort

On Spam, Comment Spam #137-140 #Sunset

Excess, desire and incapacity as displayed on the internet are an important source in the work of both Niels Post and Petra van Noort. Both artists use extremely labour-intensive ways of working to transform online scroll culture into drawings and sculptures.
Post & Van Noort began working together in recent years on an ongoing series of wall sculptures in which an Instagram landscape painted by Petra (#Sunset) coincides with a hand-sewn text Niels Post found in his spam filter.
Petra van Noort graduated from the KABK in The Hague. She makes murals and drawings on paper. Her recent works are about Instagirls. Women who post thousands of photos of themselves on Instagram hoping for a career as an influencer even though they barely have any followers. Van Noort follows them and using posted selfies and image elements from their Instagram feed, she builds her large collage-like murals and drawings. 
Niels Post is a visual artist and active co-founder of He was educated at the AKI Art Academy in Enschede and the San Francisco Art Institute. His work has been shown worldwide at video festivals, exhibitions and as a self-initiative in public spaces. Spam, computer-generated text that nobody wants but pops up everywhere, has been the basic material of his professional practice in recent years. Post uses it for interventions on empty shop windows, wall sculptures and room-filling installations.
Niels Post & Petra van Noort live and work in Rotterdam.
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