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Michiel Kluiters

The Queen's Chamber

Michiel Kluiters (1971, Amsterdam) has built his oeuvre by exploring space and illusion through photographicimages and architectural interventions. In his earlier work, he produced wall-filling photographs that suggest theopening of new spaces in existing spaces. A good example is the installation Room I, II and III for the exhibition Phantom Limb at the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden (2018).
In his recent monumental photographs, Kluiters explores more personal and intuitively how space (or spatiality) in photography works for him. These images show impossible or at least unexpected architectural spaces. Walls are askew, creating strange, illogical doorways that give the feeling that the architect has lost his mind. The structures are roughly painted, giving them a very specific texture. Some spaces seem only half finished, others dilapidated. Each opening lures us into a new void that leads nowhere. The spaces that unfold look convincingly real, but also extremely impractical and uninhabitable. The story is in the details.
An important part of Kluiters work process is the concept and use of scale. For example; for most of his photo works he uses improvised architectural scale models that function as a photoset. Not just for practical reasons but also as a personal way of seeing things in life, understanding from within that everything we see and believe is relative to the point of perspective we perceive it from.
The installation ‘The Queen’s Chamber’ at the Pitcairn Museum for Contemporary Art consists out of a series of new photo works that were inspired by the mysterious chamber with the same name, that is located within the Great Pyramid at Giza. Scattered throughout the exhibition space are a number of crystals from Kluiters private collection. The geometrical shaped minerals look like elements from within the photo’s but also have a noticeable resemblance with the way his constructed photosets look from the outside. Michiel Kluiters (1971, Amsterdam) Lives and works in Amsterdam and graduated from the Rietveld Academy and the Ateliers. Kluiters often works on commission and in Groningen he made works for the City Hall in Haren and an interactive artwork for the Schoolboulevard in the Groninger district Lewenborg.Exhibitions a.o.: Museum de Voorde, Zoetermeer (2021), Fries Museum(2018), Billytown, The Hague (2016).
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