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Majda Vidakovic

Wastescape Notes

Majda Vidakovic is a multidisciplinary artist whose gaze is always cast over objects and spaces. Her practice  involves collecting, and working with discarded or “forgotten” materials. Shifting through a playing field of photography, sculpture and design, she explores the relationship between three-dimensional objects and their two-dimensional representation.

“The past plays an important role in my work. The concept of leftovers has always fascinated me. I’m intrigued by traces of what’s left behind; a material or a place, affected by nature or human usage. The poetry of imperfection inspires me to explore how an object, or a place can over time become an ‘unintentional’ monument. A monument for a place that perhaps no longer exists, but survives through ‘second-hand’ memories, photographs, objects and architecture. Through my work I am rediscovering and recontextualizing the past – materializing a history that is no longer be visible”.

For her exhibition ‘Wastescape Notes’ Vidakovic is presenting a combination of photographs, found objects and sculptures made throughout her art residencies at PADA @padastudios in Barreiro, Portugal and EKWC @ekwc_oisterwijk in Oisterwijk, Netherlands. With this installation she wanted to further evolve her exploration of the theme of ‘remains’ – materials and a landscape in continuous transformation.

The objects she collected are ones that once had a clear form and function, but after ending up in a post-industrial wasteland they’ve lost not only their original purpose, but have slowly lost their form as well; thus becoming something abstract, unrecognizable and bizarre. In this weirdness, Vidakovic finds beauty, but also a potential for new ideas. ‘I like not being able to name something. The mystery of materials and their transformation; the blur between organic and artificial – constructed/designed and random/accident.  Unlike a monument that is built to last,  I’m interested in making monuments that have the same intention, but also transform in the process, embracing the inevitability of imperfection and the ephemeral qualities of objects and materials.’ By zooming in to corners of this landscape and certain objects found, she puts emphasis on form, structures and textures, presenting these as an archaeological collection of finds.

Majda Vidakovic (1990) is a Serbian visual artist, living and working in The Hague, Netherlands.
She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Photography from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague.


CODA museum Paper Art Biennale, Apeldoorn 2023 / Solo exhibition ‘LEFTOVERS II’ at Msimons gallery, Amsterdam 2022

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