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Līga Spunde

Work Work Work

Līga Spunde’s works are multimedia installations, where personal stories are closely intertwined with a carefully constructed fiction. The interpretations and use of recognizable characters serve as an extension of her personal experiences, tapping into general truths. Usually, the content of the work determines the physical form of the conception, so a variety of media and materials are used in the installations.
Despite the constant presence of technology in our daily lives, utopian predictions of replacing human resources with robot alternatives have yet to materialise. Instead of simply facilitating various processes and freeing up more time, technology has increased the pace of life beyond reason, forcing us to keep up. We hear more and more about burnout, panic attacks, depression, and various emotional disorders that have come about as a side effect of a pace of life that is too fast for us. They directly affect our abilities and our quality of life, and are reflected in the environment, in our decisions and attitudes. The scene of the installation Work Work Work is designed to be a visual allegory for the endless rush of the modern world, the eternal lack of time, and the consequences that this has on our mental wellbeing. It is a gentle reminder to take better care of ourselves and set the dates for a vacation immediately.
Liga Spunde (Riga, Latvia 1990) based in Riga.
Education: Department of Visual Communication of the Latvian Art Academy 2016
Līga Spunde has participated in various exhibitions and art projects in Latvia and internationally.
Selected exhbitions:
Solo: 427 Gallery Riga, 2022, Contemporary Art Center, Riga, 2019, LV
Group: CAC Brétigny(Fr.) 2022, Kogo Gallery, Tartu (Est), Latvian Center for Contemporary Art, 2021, Latvian Center for Contemporary Art, 2020.
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