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Esther Kokmeijer

Floeberg, archief van ijsbergen

Esther Kokmeijer focuses mainly on the ‘Global Commons’, the globally shared natural resources of the earth; the oceans, the atmosphere, the universe and Antarctica. The theme of water in all its manifestations, such as liquid ‘water’, gaseous ‘vapour’ and solid ‘ice’, has played a major role for several years.

During the almost 10 years as a polar expedition photographer Kokmeijer started to collect iceberg photos. So far this collection has not found a creation yet and only exist as an archive supplemented with other Iceberg archetypes. In Floeberg the archive of Icebergs exists of gem stones representing the many kind of Iceberg forms, colors and structures. A representation of the archive itself is also part of the exhibition.

Esther Kokmeijer (The Netherlands, Dokkum 1977), is an artist and explorer residing in Rotterdam and working around the globe. Her work has been exhibited and published worldwide. For various projects, she has visited 84 countries. Seasonally she works as an expedition photographer and polar guide, in the Arctic and Antarctic. She is the founder of Antarktikos, an annual printed journal that is solely dedicated to Antarctica and brings together art and science, (, co founder of Cosmic Water Foundation ( and part of the art collective If Paradise Is Half As Nice (

This exhibition is curated by Kie Ellens, working as an independent curator in Groningen. Previously, Ellens worked as an advisor to the Government Rijksbouwmeester, Curator Contemporary Art Fries Museum and Director/curator of Wallhouse in Groningen, At the request of the PMCA, Kie Ellens made the artists’ choice for this spring exhibition. Pitcairn Foundation thanks Kie Ellens for his idiosyncratic choice.

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