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Dineke Oosting

Feeling Rich

Oosting’s studio is overcrowded, she needs all the materials she has collected over time, she simply cannot live without them as they are the building blocks of her work. Her studio practice is a combination of various disciplines in which she manages to combine sculpture, installations, ceramics, painting, collage and photography in a virtuoso manner.
For this she picks up stuff from daily life. The discovery of, for example, an insignificant necklace generates new ideas and meanings in combination with other materials and objects. Many of the materials in her collection were once discarded, thrown away or given away, but see what the material is capable of. Oosting breathes new life into it and now it speaks to you without words. A shoe is not just a shoe in her work, but together with a piece of baked clay, fake eyelashes and the other materials, an object is created that presents us with puzzles: hors catégories.
With the exhibition ‘Feeling Rich’, Oosting contrasts feeling rich with being rich.

Displayed wealth as a sham. Even though the necklace with the inscription: ‘Rich’ shines conspicuously, it remains a mass-produced piece of junk from the flea market. How contradictory can it be?
Dineke Oosting (1967) lives and works in Groningen.
Education: Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Minerva, Groningen, 1995
Dineke Oosting has participated in several exhibitions and art projects in the Netherlands and Germany. Selected recent exhibitions: Keramik Künstlerhaus, “How many cats do you have”, Neumünster(DE),2022, Museum Belvedere, “Stroomopwaarts” Heerenveen, 2022, CODA Museum,Apeldoorn, 2021, Melklokaal, “Objects of Desire” (solo) Heerenveen, 2019
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