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Brigitte Waldach

European Space

The spatial drawing “European Space” explores a new branding for a Europe of “diversity and unity”, the motto of the EU, which was originally developed by the Dutch architect Rem Kohlhaas and is reinterpreted here. The wall motif in this case consists of vertical stripes in the colours of the flags of the EU member states and is reminiscent of the appearance of a barcode. The system of lines could also be extended at any time if a new member were to join.
All member states up to 2002 are represented in this barcode, and the states that joined later, i.e. after the introduction of the common currency euro, as targets or circles in the colours of the respective national flags. These signs are spatially connected to the back right corner of the room by rubber bands and end in terms and quotations on the wall behind. Behind this is the idea of a flexible system of the EU and is translated into the dynamisation of the stripes. For example, a circle with the national colours of Ukraine as an unofficial candidate for admission emerges as a circular element, while the national colours of Great Britain leave the stripe system as a circle at the edge.
On the wall in front, we can discover some national colours and, at the colour transitions, also the intellectual potential of the nations, conveyed and visualised via quotations from Nobel Prize winnersand their discoveries, which, as a kind of vegetative system, in turn seem to transcend national borders. In this way, Waldach tried to create a new symbolism for Europe that could also remind us of utopian landscapes. Europe and the European Community, as we see here, can also be presented in a colourful and exciting, light and adventurous way.
Brigitte Waldach (1966) lives and works in Berlin.
Solote exhibtions o.a.: Fondazione Sozzani, Milaan 2021, Museum Marta, Herford 2020, Galerie Mathias Güntner, Hamburg 2019.
Groupexhibitions o.a .:Mythos Wald, Kunsthalle Emden Emden, Deutscher Bundestag, Berlin 2019, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin 2019.
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