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Willem Besselink


Besselink’s work stems from a fascination with structures embedded in everyday events. Structures that are invisible at a given moment, but which repeat themselves and become visible over time. He tries to understand such structures by observing trivial everyday events and the manifestation of their patterns and tries to understand and assimilate them by using various forms of recording and notation. The results visualise these structures and reimagine their appearance, with a specific focus on imaginative and innovative use of matter and form. The starting points for these investigations are small, trivial and often personal events. The personal nature of the observations determines methods in which the researcher/artist is both observer and observed.

In his exhibition ‘Transposed’, Besselink has brought an imaginary copy of the PMCA in Pitcairn, on the other side of the world, as it were, back to Groningen, and slid it into the original, leaving orientation of that museum unchanged. Thus, the angle at which the PMCA. in Pitcairn (the island) is slid ín the PMCA Groningen is equal to the angle between coordinates of Pitcairn and Groningen.

The spatial centres of the two buildings intersect.

Willem Besselink (1980) lives and works in Rotterdam.

Exhibitions eg.: Kunsthal Kade, Amerfoort *(2022), Landgoed Anningahof, Zwolle(2021), NL=US art, Rotterdam (2021)

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