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Christoph Mügge

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Christoph Mügge (1983) is an artist based in Malmö, Sweden. Mainly he makes large scale installations that subvert common ideas of our surroundings. These installations often contain mundane and found objects that are rearranged as abstract compositions through manipulation, overlapping and layering. An important part in these experiences is the idea of the anonymous, quiet and abandoned object that is symptomatic of humanity’s problems like overproduction, consumption and waste of resources. Behind the abundance of neglected products that are used short-term and then are discarded lies a lot of gluttony and greediness. That implies a common view on resources and the world as infinite and miraculous. This throwaway mentality is echoed in his installations that even if they mainly consist of reclaimed material often become waste again after a short life span.
Subsequently he wanted to take ideas of temporality and ephemerality to another level, and present works in trash cans. His interest in minimal lifestyle in turn led him to investigate how the seemingly safe everyday life could be affected by various unpredictable crises. With topics like preparedness, fallout shelters and food rationing, his aim is to make it possible for people to examine conflicts, traumas, and fears from different angles while asking them to reflect on the high standard of living that we take for granted. His most recent work explores both physical and digital legacy, using narratives from various epochs, merging reality with fiction.
Christoph Mügge is a Malmö-based artist (b. in Bonn, DE in 1983) who graduated from Kunstakademie Düsseldorf (DE) in 2013 (in the class of Prof. Richard Deacon). Exhibitions:
His work has been shown internationally, in various venues such as Ostrale Biennale (Dresden, DE), The Koppel Project (London, UK), Kristianstads konsthall (Kristianstad, SE), Bolivar Art Gallery (Lexington, KY, USA), Södertälje konsthall (SE), Concordia (Enschede, NL), OK Corral (Copenhagen, DK), Vestfold Kunstsenter (Tønsberg, NO), Platforms Project (Athens, GR), Croxhapox (Ghent, BE), Kluckyland (Vienna, AT), DAS ESSZIMMER – space for art+ (Bonn, DE), ID:I Galleri (Stockholm, SE), Hilbert Raum (Berlin, DE), Kunstmuseum Gelsenkirchen (DE), Kunsthaus Rhenania (Cologne, DE), Kunstverein Bochumer Kulturrat (Bochum, DE), 6. Höhler Biennale (Gera, DE), Galleri GRO (Pietarsaari, FI), Supermarket (Stockholm, SE), Verkstad konsthall (Norrköping, SE), Steneby konsthall (Dals Långed, SE), Husby konsthall (SE), Begehungen (Chemnitz, DE), Sinne (Helsinki, FI), Galleri Rostrum (Malmö, SE), Sinne (Helsinki, FI), PARTcours / ParKUNST (Brussels, BE) and Studio17 (Stavanger, NO)
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