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Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács

Hush My Heart

With an abundance of technological possibilities, images circulate in the media that continuously copy, reference, mirror, slow down and accelerate themselves, thus conquering reality in our current visual culture. Broersen & Lukács respond to this by creating works that present a parallel world of digitally constructed images. The viewer is presented with a world in which “nature” functions as a reflection for our culture dictated by the media.
The works in this exhibition in the Pitcairn museum are the result of the solo exhibition “Point Cloud, Old Growth” in FOAM, Amsterdam. This exhibition focuses on the pre-human forest Białowieża (Poland), the endangered, last primeval forest in Europe. In earlier times the forest covered most of Europe, now it has been pushed back to the very border of Europe. From literature and mythology to folk tales and art history, the notion of the forest runs deep in the collective consciousness of Europe. It is a world that moves between fact and fiction, in which it is both the location in which the borders of Europe have been hard fought over the centuries, and at the same time the forest is  the birthplace of fairytale characters such as Little Red Riding Hood and Baba Yaga.
In the PITCAIRNMUSEUM, Broersen & Lukács show a selection of digital reconstructions of the primeval forest, showing it as a virtual construct, somewhere in the unfathomable space between the digital and the photographic, between the realistic and the virtual.
The various works have been constructed with the help of a computer by combining hundreds of different photos into a single representation, in which the digital skin appears both hyper realistic and flawed.
The title “HUSH MY HEART” refers to the origin of the song “Nature Boy”, the hit hit made famous by Nat King Cole. The melody was originally composed by Herman Yablokoff, who comes from the region of the primeval forest. The soundtrack features excerpts from this original song, ‘Shvayg Main Harts’ (Hush my Heart), a lamentation about loneliness and uprooting.
As the song has been taken away from its native soil, the trees here are removed from their own reality and only exist as a dream or copy.
Education and recent exhibitions:
Broersen en Lukás live and work in Amsterdam. In 2001 they received a Fine Arts Masters degree at the Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, NL and in
in 2007 en 2008 they participated in the Rijksacademy programme in Amsterdam.
Right now thy are having a retrospectice exhibition in the: A4 Museum, Chengdu, CN.
Selection: 2020 Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland, 2020 Foam, Amsterdam, 2019 Galerie AKINCY, Amsterdam, 2019 Viborg Kunsthal, Viborg, DK, 2019 Louvre Auditorium, Paris Recontres, Paris, FR.

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fragment: ‘Hush My Heart’


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