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Abiha Naderi

Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear

Abiha Naderi perceives all things in light of materiality, be it memories, thoughts, or media. He creates an illusion and thereby questions perception, allowing the object to represent itself. In his works Naderi uses paint to blur the lines between reality and illusions. Challenging perception he wants the viewer to experience doubt about what is in front of him, illusion is a visual translation of uncertainty. In many of his works he also extends the illusion into the surrounding space and other media. Beyond the canvas, in an amalgamation of different media and techniques.
The work created for the PMCA. is part of his Stages series, a series of installations researching the sculptural possibilities of painting.
More than meets the eye.
Abiha Naderi (Esfahan, Iran,1989) currently lives and works in Groningen.
Education: Fine Art (Bc) at Minerva Academy Hanze University, Groningen, 2022.
Drawing Centre Diepenheim 2023, Young talents the ‘best graduates’ of the Dutch art academies, SBK Amsterdam, Halfrond Groningen, 2022, Selection graduates, Pictura, Groningen,2022.

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