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The Pitcairn Museum of Contemporary Art is consists of three interconnected rooms with parquet floors and skylights. The interior looks like a classic modern museum, a stereotypical White Cube. The Pitcairn Foundation invites artists from the Netherlands and abroad to exhibit and each exhibition is literally tailor-made for this museum. The exhibitions are distinctly specific for this location and do not focus on specific themes, media or materials. The quality of the artists and the artistic content and freedom are paramount in the programming.

The size of this building makes it possible to experiment freely with ideas and materials without,for example, getting in the way of finances and logistics. The Pitcairn is a small museum for big ideas. Although our visitor cannot enter museum halls physically, he can visualize himself in the museum as is the case, for example, when looking at a model, a diorama or a dollhouse. In the format, the imagination of the artist and the imagination of the visitor run parallel. The reduced model – in size and / or in properties – is attractive to many of us, because we like reduction, simplification and framing to make reality manageable and we cherish this illusion. French philosopher and writer Gaston Bachelard wrote in the The Poetics of Space: “…the miniscule, a narrow gate, opens up an entire world. The details of a thing can be the sign of a new world which, like all worlds, contains the attributes of greatness”

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