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Hedwich Rooks

As a starting point for the spatial work, Hedwich Rooks mainly uses aspects from (micro) biology. In many of her works she wants to stimulate multiple senses of the visitor and in these, for example, sound or smell also play an important role. The neurological phenomenon of synesthesia is used as a means to transform human communication based on language into a broader experience. The work process involves a continuous search for materials that have the potential to change or reflect reality in an alternative way. 

In Rook’s current Masters study at the St. Joost Academy in Den Bosch, she works with living or “bio-based” material. Due to the nature of this living material (eg. mycelium, kombucha or algae) the results are not clearly predictable. It can dry out, contaminate, fail to grow, or grow recklessly. Letting go of the grip is therefore an important part of the work process followed. In addition to her spatial work, the installations, photography is very important for her, which in terms of research runs parallel to the other three-dimensional work. By means of her work Rooks wants to raise awareness of our environment. Every exhibition or publication is therefore a drop, but many drops create a pool, a river, an ocean.

Hedwich Rooks (Grou,1995) lives in The Hague, the Netherlands
Study: bachelor at Minerva Academy for Fine Art, Groningen 2020
Momenteel: Ecology Futures aan de Master Institute of Visual Cultures, St. Joost Den Bosch
Selected exhibitions: 2020 ‘GUP New Talent 2021’, Kahmann Gallery Amsterdam, 2020 ‘Misplaced’, Oped Space Tokyo,
2020 ‘Buiten Westen #2’, Kunstvereniging Diepenheim, 2020


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