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Gerbrand Burger

In the work of Gerbrand Burger, building and architecture play an important role. Burger’s sculptural work is often related to the the architcture of the exhibition space, which thus becomes part of his spatial interventions. Design and literature are also important sources for his work. Playing with elements from different sources Burger is playing a game in his spacial interventions that is both free and formal. His current research focuses on the use of wood in his personal work
but also in a much broader context. To over time providing for its own wood needs, Burger is working on setting up a sustainable, biodiverse production forest. The intended result is not only the wood itself, but also the connection with the environment.

Bugers aim is to put subjects such as: the material use, production methods and the design of the landscape and society in the agenda for the very long term.

Gerbrand Burger (Hoorn, 1976) lives and works in Helsinki and Amsterdam

Education: Rietveld Academy Amsterdam 2005, De Ateliers 2008.

Selected Exhibitions: 2019 Kunstvereniging Diepenheim (solo), 2017 Maison van Doesburg, Meudon (Fr), C&H Galerie, 2016 Amsterdam, 2016 Transition Gallery London, 2015 Färgfabriken, Stockholm.



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